Recreating Dream Sofas

Just when you thought that old rotten couch needs to be thrown out or given away in the trash, GK Chattels comes to the rescue with their unmatched refurbishing services.  All you need to do is sit back relax and call us.

We all love to restore items and bring out the old charm in them, but the exhausting process of achieving exactly what you have in mind without any glitches seems like an impossible task unless, you have a partner who can not only preserve your pre-loved pieces but also give them an all new look.

From that old heavily carved sofa from your grandmother’s drawing room, the beloved reading chair that your father sat on for years, to the lounge sofa that you might want to redo for a modern look without breaking your pockets are good enough reasons to choose refurbishing.

We have inspiring stories to share with you of refurbishing old pieces that hold sentimental value for many of our lovely clients who have been overjoyed to see their much loved furniture pieces transformed.

Vintage Rustic Garden Chairs:

One of our clients had these vintage garden chairs lying around in her backyard for a number of years, they belonged to her grandmother and were gifted to her by her aunt.

Having been used as outdoor furniture for years she was worried that it could never get restored. We received the chairs in a dire condition and spent days only buffing off the poor quality paint job that had ruined the solid wood grains and after several days of effort we were able to see the years old well-seasoned natural rose wood.

We waterproofed the natural surface with sealer and lacquer and made some technical carpeting repairs so the chair was just as strong as it was when it was first bought.

To enhance the comfort and convert them to lounging chairs we removed the weaving and replaced it with a hard ply sheet and a premium molty foam cushion seat with vibrant print fabric.

The outcome was remarkable and told tales of the olden times, bleaming in all its glory.

Mama’s Drawing Room Sofa:

Another one of our clients, a young and energetic couple had high ambitions of making new and trendy furniture for their lovely new small home but unfortunately some financial and some time constraints did not allow them to fulfil their dream.

They contacted us desperate for an overhaul in a limited budget, fortunately their mother had offered them to take her old sofa and redo it to their taste only it was not as simple as it sounded.

We scrapped the sofa’s old dark polish and replaced it with a bright white and gold chalk finish, discarded the bulky old foam to achieve a sleeker and linear look using genuine molty foam for a lasting lounging comfort and upholstered with a soft blue fabric.

Seeing the finished product, the couple was ecstatic and couldn’t believe that they were looking at the same sofa. All credit goes to their mom for giving us a solid old sofa to work on, we always love a solid frame.

Boring Old Lounge Sofa:

Our client had been using this lounge sofa for the past decade; there was nothing specifically wrong with it except for the fact that it was extremely BORING and just needed a touch of creativity.

Our clients were tired of changing fabric every other year and ending up with a sofa that didn’t look too different. They wanted a refreshing new look but did not want to trash this investment or spend a fortune on a new sofa set online in Pakistan.

They approached us with a reference sofa from our collection and wondered if they could achieve a similar look. It was not an easy transformation because achieving the same look required major structural changes, but it was doable nonetheless. Also, we have a thing for challenging projects, so we couldn’t say no.

We began the task by ripping the entire sofa, performing major wood restructuring to get the required shape. We repaired the existing damages in the springs and replaced the foam with under warranty genuine Molty foam to ensure comfort for the next decade to come.

To add the finishing touches we created a beautifully quilted sofa back cushion in ruby red fine velvet upholstery, to add the last bling we added brass bracket legs for a look that would stand out.

Our clients had a jaw dropping reaction they could not believe their eyes that this kind of transformation was even possible, their old sofa had been transformed into an eclectic piece that was anything but boring.

Do you have any old pieces lying around that could use a breath of fresh air and a flair of creativity? Instead of wasting time looking at new sofas online in Pakistan that might end up being too heavy on your pocket, restore your old furniture by breathing new life into them. Hit us up (insert contact us link here) and we will get back to you.

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