Prized for its comfort and practicality, corduroy fabric is a popular upholstery fabric for furniture. With its striped patterning and raised brushed pile, it adds texture and is an affordable sturdy option for sofas and chairs for casual use.

Key Features:

Sturdy & Affordable

Digital Print

Digital Prints a unique touch to any interior be it in modern or traditional lines a printed accent piece always enlightens an interior.

Key Features:

The softness of velvet with a wide array of prints to choose from.

Faux Leather

Just like genuine leather, faux leather also helps make a classy statement and without being too heavy on the pocket. It might not be as durable as genuine leather but it is highly resistant to abrasions and cuts and is also available in many more colours. Perfect for upholstering headboards, chairs, ottomans, and pillows.

Key Features:

Low-Cost Alternative to Genuine Leather, Water Resistant, Soft to Touch.

Genuine Leather

Genuine Leather is not only ideal for making a strong, classic statement but is one of the most durable fabrics for upholstery, serving as a great option for high traffic areas. It does not collect dust, is easy to clean and is also pet friendly.

Key Features:

Durable, Makes a Classic Statement.


This fabric is best known for its soft and shiny appearance. It adds depth, character and a high end feel to the shape of a piece. It’s highly durable and great for statement pieces to add comfort, depth of texture and contrast.

Key Features:

Luxuriously Soft, Rich Tones.


Jute is a highly durable fabric that adds an excellent element of texture to any interior. This fabric looks great in its natural colours but can also be dyed to almost any hue. Pair its rough look with fluffy pillows to get a refined rustic appeal.

Key Features:

Brings a Natural Textured Feel, Durable.


Touch of silk in a cost effective and luxe feel, perfect for curtains and drapes.

Key Features:

Matt Finish, Affordable Silk Finish, Luxe Feel.


Suede is a leather finish fabric which is a fabrication of genuine suede. It is popular for its soft and durable finish in upholstery.

Key Features:

Durable, Soft Finish.