Cleaning Guide


We understand that cleaning your upholstery furniture is an essential part of your daily routines however, for a long lasting experience we recommend not to home wash the products.

You must only use professional upholstery cleaning company or products to avoid fading of your fabric or sinking in of the foam.


To extend the life of your wooden furniture we recommend to not use chemical products however a little bit of dusting along with damp fabric cleaning can serve the purpose well.

It is only natural for the polish and paint to fade away or dull down after years of use. All wood furniture should be re-polished after a couple of years of use to refresh the look.

Brass & Stainless

All are brass hardware and products are coated to protect them from seasoning however, being a natural material we can only ensure to a certain extent.

Polishing your brass furniture after a few months may help in extending the life of your product.